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A smartphone is a mobile device that can perform more functions than older generation phones. It is like a mini-computer, a workstation on-the-go. Everyone wants to own a good smartphone, but how many people utilize its potentials?

In this era, connecting to social media is the most common use of a smartphone, and there are various applications available right now to give you a better experience with your smartphone. Certain features differ across smartphones depending on the brand and the operating system

Let’s check out the uses of a smartphone

  1. Phone book: For storing contact information
  2. Data communication : Sending and receiving text and e-mail messages: photographs, music, applications, documents. Most android phones work with a wireless application that eases data transfer e.g. Xender
  3. Games: There are a whole lot of downloadable games you can get from the app store on your smartphone and gamification has made learning easier
  4. Browsing the internet: You can get a lot of information from surfing the net: keeping abreast of the news, finding facts online, downloading educational materials, e-books, etc. You have to be connected to an internet service provider (ISP) to assess the internet
  5. Video conferencing: For business and personal meetings
  6. Inbuilt applications: To assist with your day to day tasks namely: alarm clock, currency converter, calculator, calendar, stopwatch, notebook for keeping notes, and applications to create presentations
  7. Camera: Smartphone cameras take high-quality photographs with good editing options. So if you are into photography and don’t have a camera, utilize your smartphone
  8. Mobile banking: Most banks have mobile banking applications to make a secure online payment and conduct money transfers
  9. Content creation and graphic designing: You can create and edit graphics and videos using various applications
  10. GPS Mapping: You can pin locations using the GPS maps and take pictures showing detailed information
  11. Bar-code scanning: To gain assess to an application
  12. Weather forecasting: Monitor climatic conditions at all times
  13. Social media: Connect to the world through social media for personal and business purposes
  14. Audio recorder: For recording and storing audio files, podcast messages and music
  15. Educational engagement: Studying online is quite convenient, and its demand is on the rise due to the pandemic.
  16. Listening to music: Download the latest songs directly to your mobile device from music streaming platforms.
  17. Blogging: This is useful for bloggers, as they can publish directly from their smartphones

Software development for smartphones has quite evolved, and it can function as a remote control, decibel meter, sleep monitor, and document scanner, etc.

Explore your smartphone to learn about its functionalities, and remember to check for updates.



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