Apple Watch: Use Water Lock to Eject Water From Your Smartwatch

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Apple uses a water-resistant feature known as Water Lock in its smartwatches that helps the users to keep these watches free of water. Here is how the Water Lock feature works.

It is easier to spew out water from Apple smartwatches than you have ever expected. Apple has introduced the Water Lock feature into its wearable that can dispel the water from it. However, Water Lock is an example of one of the many features of Apple Watch. The features like Water Lock have been introduced to protect the devices and to extend their life. It is worth knowing about the Water Lock feature before you give a try to Apple smartwatch.

Apple smartwatches have been increasingly making their space among the users. These have been proved to be a crucial companion for many users. Regarding its various functions, it works very much like a health journal. Recently, it has saved the life of a woman by revealing information about her life-threatening heart condition. Apple Watch is not the only smartwatch available in the market besides it, Amazfit GTS is also there. But, Apple Watch has been becoming more popular among the users. One of the biggest reasons behind this growing popularity is the introduction of health-related features in the wearable. With the launch of its Series two, Apple Watch is now in everyone’s talk for its water-resistant feature.

To be very clear, Apple is water-resistant and not waterproof, and maybe its water-resistant ability may diminish over time. According to support pages made available by Apple, the watch can be used while working out, in the rain, and while washing hands. However, the Apple Watch users have advised people to protect their smartwatch from contacting specific liquids. These specific liquids include insect repellent, sunscreen, lotions, oil, hair dye, etc. Also, it has been advised not to expose Apple Watch to soapy water or high-velocity water. Moreover, users need to protect their smartwatch while taking a bath or shower and swimming. If they have exposed their smartwatch to water while taking a bath or swimming, then Water Lock can be a good option to dispel the water.

Water Lock Feature of Apple Watch: How to Use it

If you have planned to expose your Apple Watch to water while taking a bath or swimming or cleaning utensils, then first turn on Water Lock manually. When Water Lock is turned off, it will drain out the water from the Apple Watch itself. The draining out of the water from the smartwatch can also be done when you are suspecting that something is wrong with it. For example, when you are getting some muffling noise from the speaker port of the device, then it means water has penetrated the smartwatch.

If you want to enable Water Lock, open the screen and make sure that it has been wiped dry to avoid any taps accidentally from water droplets. Then, you will need to access the Control Center to search for the Water Lock option. Once you have found the Water Lock option appearing in the form of raindrops, click on it. When you click on the Water Lock appearing at the top screen, it will be turned on. If you have finished using the Water Lock feature, click on the Digital Crown icon to close the screen. It will also drain out water from the smartwatch speaker. As the water will start exiting from the smartwatch, it will emit a sound.

When you start swimming, the Water Lock feature will be turned on automatically. It is slightly different from the method to activate the feature manually. For example, you will need to press the downside button and digital Crown simultaneously for pausing the workout. After then, you will need to open the screen by turning Digital Crown to drain out water. Similarly, when working out ends, water will be drained out from the Apple Watch.

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