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Power BI software

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Top 5 Benefits of Microsoft power BI Software Solution

Today businesses need Business analytics and business intelligence to run their business smartly and survive the intense competition in the market. With Microsoft Power bI, Interactive data visualizations across global datacentres not only provide intelligent data but also simultaneously meet the compliance standards.

Power BI software solutions are analytical solutions that allow us to visualize data and provide insights across the entire workspace of an organization. The same can be embedded in an app or website. Information is splashed across live dashboards and reports, and this organized information or data proves to be highly useful as business owners can make the right decisions for their organizations. They can effectively use the resources and explore untapped opportunities, which is possible due to timely information available instantly.

Read on to know the top benefits of Power BI .

• Easy Access to Data: With Power BI and Microsoft business intelligence, expect instant access to data and data sources in the form of reports that are easy to understand, and conclusions can be easily derived. Users can access all the data, information at one location, view the data, extract it, and transfer it from any device. It’s great to have one centralized place to access all the files and documents. It makes work more classified and less time-consuming. Moreover, manage a large number of files, documents collaborate across global locations without worrying about the speed or performance of the solution.

• Live Dashboards: The strength of Power Bi lies in its reports and Live dashboards, which display information with Business Intelligence working behind them. The panels offer a unified user experience as users can create personalized dashboards embedded with useful data, reports, apps, and work is a breeze working on power BI.

• Availability in three separate national cloud data centers: One of the most significant advantages of Business intelligence software solutions is its availability in three different national cloud Data Centres. The best part that each centre offers the same features as that provided by the global version of Power BI. Whether it is security, privacy- expect high standards as those available in the worldwide version.

• Regular Updates: With Microsoft Power BI software solutions continually evolving with the latest upgrades, organizations can reap the benefits of continuous innovation.

• Easy Excel Integration: Users can easily connect Excel reports, Data models, queries, and they can easily display ranges of data, charts, and tables in Excel on dashboards in the Microsoft Power BI solution simply by connecting Excel workbooks. PivotTables and Charts can be created by connecting to the data models from excel. These and many more capabilities make it a great experience of integrating Microsoft products such as MS Excel into Power BI.

Get Microsoft business intelligence and make your business more efficient.

Written By Donjay

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