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Contrast Between Norton 360 and Norton Security 2021

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By Author: Elisa Wilson

Norton is one of the most sought-after antivirus devices in the cyber industry. Norton is absolutely tenable when it comes to providing dependable antivirus protection. The most primitive product of Norton antivirus is Norton AntiVirus Plus; however, even that product is highly useful because it carries the same protection engine, and it does offer all the standard features apart from coming at a basic price. The most advanced product of Norton antivirus (i.e., Norton 360 Deluxe) is touch-expensive than the rest, but it does give you a lot of high-tech features such as dark-web monitoring, parental controls, LifeLock identity theft alert system, real-time detection, encryption-based storage space, firewall, device-management consoles, security check for the application download, automatic silent updates, and automatic backups.

Norton has recently been recognized by Investopedia as the best-performing antivirus software for Windows.

If we are speaking about performance, then any Norton antivirus module is right up there with the very best in the business, which includes the likes of Webroot (best for macOS) and Kaspersky.

Prices of Norton Devices

Here are the prices for the antivirus software. Since prices sometimes do vary, don’t take it at face value, and refer to different sources to get the general idea on how each device is going to cost. Anyways, here are the tentative prices for each antivirus device.

Norton AntiVirus Plus- approximately $30 for one year.

Norton Security Standard- approximately $40 for one year.

Norton Security Deluxe-approximately $50 for one year.

Norton Security Premium- approximately $55 for one year.

Some Benefits of Norton Devices

Norton’s benefits are countless, and one of them is its VPN facility. The Virtual Private Network provided by Norton is so good that many users are opting to go for Norton instead of buying separate antivirus software. Anyways, some of the features and benefits of Norton antivirus software are listed below:-

1) Real-time watchdog detection.

2) Faster Threat Identification

3) Multi-Platform Security

4) App Download Security

5) Protected Online Transfer of money.

6) Dark-web monitoring.

7) webcam security

Now, let us come on to our main topic- The difference between Norton 360 and Norton Security 2021.

Contrast Between Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security 2021

When opting to choose Norton antivirus cybersecurity software, you are always treated with a wide range of options. So, which one should you choose? Well, two of the broadly popular antivirus devices from Norton are Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security. Of course, there are some variances in the characteristics and features between the two. In this subsection, we are going to discuss the differences between Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security 2021.

Purpose: Norton 360 is like a package, which has been tailor-made to offer you security against malicious viruses, spam, prying eyes, identity theft, phishing, and other dangerous threats on the internet.

On the other hand, Norton Security proposes web security for your system and smaller devices such as tablets or smartphones against all web threats. As the name suggests, Norton Internet Security puts a major emphasis on threats lingering on unsecured sites.

Price: Norton 360 comes at around $8 per month, while Norton Internet Security is much cheaper and comes at around $6 per month.

Features: Norton 360 is a premium Norton antivirus service and offers features such as PC tuneup, Automatic Cloud Backup, Private VPN, Personal Computer SafeCam, and dark-web monitoring.

On the other side, Norton Internet is, in itself, a very powerful cybersecurity module, and some of the high-tech system security functions that it offers include a strong antivirus engine, a firewall, identity protection, and an anti-spam filter.


As you can see from the above, the primary difference between Norton 360 and Norton Security 2021 comes in the form of functions and pricing. While Norton Internet Security offers all the standard web-security functions, it also comes at a lower price. However, Norton 360 embeds every feature that other versions are entailing and offers some of the high-tech features available in the market, such as dark-web monitoring and LifeLock identity Alert System. Yet, Norton 360, along with its iteration (standard and deluxe), comes at a very high-cost, and that is a disadvantage for some users.


Written By Donjay

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