Is Call Center CRM Integration Vital for Customer Care Centers?

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Customer care centers run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to make sure customers are getting the required support from the company and businesses. Customer care centers solely focus on customer experience and satisfaction. Thus, generally, one of the most important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of the customer care centers is FCR (First Call Resolution). Of course, there are some more KPIs which a customer care center might be focusing on to make sure the customers are happy with the services.

To run customer care centers, they use different solutions which support operations professionally. A call center solution is one of the most fundamental solutions used by customer care centers. But, do you know, call center CRM integration provides a powerful system to the customer care centers so they can cater to the customers really well.

Call center CRM integration is a process of integrating a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution with a call center solution. Once these systems are integrated, the agents and customer care centers get a whole solution that boosts all areas of operations so the customers can be satisfied.

As everyone knows, a call center software solution is used to attend calls of the customers, listen to their queries and concerns, and giving them required answers and support. Delivering exact resolution to the customer results in increased customer satisfaction. To deliver the exact solution within minimum time, agents need to know about the customer, his behaviour pattern, his package or buying method, and much more information related to him. The call center software usually has limited information about the customer, but a CRM system can have a detailed record of the customer. It can have all information related to the customer during different stages of the sales cycle. If agents get access to all this information, they can deliver better responses to the clients.

The call center CRM integration helps customer care centers to get a powerful tool for customer care. This tool has all the features of the call center dialer within a single window. Moreover, it has the complete customer record fetched from the CRM solution within the same window. It means agents can use the features of both call center solution and CRM software within a single window. This type of solution is also known as Single Sign On system.

Let’s understand its importance in a customer care center with an analogy:

When a customer calls to the customer care center, an agent will have a dialer with all features. Moreover, he will also see a CRM popup that gives information about the customer with the call center dialer window. An agent can use that information to give better and quicker information to the customer. Agents will not need to keep the customer on hold or phone on mute to fetch information from the CRM system.

This system can be a great contributor to the success of a customer care center. Thus, call center CRM integration is vital for customer care centers.

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