An Advanced Step Process to Make Your Website Secure & Faster

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Having a digital portal and website is crucial for the growth of any organization. Without the digital platform, you cannot compete with your business rivals. Through the help of technological applications, you can reach a wider audience and can boost up your sales.

Nowadays, having a website or building it is not a complicated task. But the real game starts when you have to make it secure from attacks and efficient. With digital advancements, the attacks of hackers and information theft are also increasing. Know that through your website the hackers can get the personal information of various customers. Your one mistake and ignorance can put a smudge on your brand. If you want to appear as a reputed brand, you need to make your website secure and fast. While most people will suggest going for dedicated server hosting, but there are other means too. Just changing your hosting plan will not do you any favor until you get technical about it. Various factors participate in making you a secure and fast website. Below is an advanced process of making your professional website safe and effective.

Install SSL

One of the first things you need to have on your website or application is SSL. SSL, also known as the secure sockets layer, is the easiest and most popular way of securing a web application. SSL is almost on all websites now. You may not realize it, but there is hardly a web application operating without the SSL layer. The way to recognize an SSL layer website is by the s in HTTPS. That s in the HTTPS is an indication that this web page is secure with the SSL layer. The SSL layer helps to encrypt the precious information of your customers. This layer helps encrypt the login ids and passwords. Know that without the SSL layer, the website data will be vulnerable to hackers for assessing it.

Anti-malware software

The other crucial thing you need to do is install anti-malware software. It might sound like a no big deal. But know that the malware software does the hard work. The good news is that you can get the malware software for free. Besides, you do not need to worry about the technical stuff. Try to go for a malware detector that can do several things in one go. Several malware applications provide:

Web scanning
Malware detection
Vulnerability patching
Web application firewall
The most crucial thing you need to take care of is the updating of the malware program. Remember to keep updating the malware application. This way, you can get an efficient and more secure way to protect your data from viruses and attacks.

Defer JavaScript

Ever feel that your web application is running slower than usual, then it is time to take matters more seriously. Many problems can slow down your application. One such way is if you have not deferred your JavaScript. It means restricting a file to loading before the other elements. You can load the other content without any delay by postponing a large file of java scrip.

Updated software

The next and most crucial thing you need to do is update your server. An outdated server is more prone to attacks than an updated server. Have daily reminders of updating the server. You can also go for automatic updates so that you do not forget to update the server.

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