Top 10 Off Page SEO strategies that help to build quality backlinks for site?

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By Author: muhammad kareem

Off Page Optimization or Link Building
Off page optimization process ensures that link to your website is put on other websites. If more links from your website are put on other websites, then during crawling, Google gives your website more importance. Another significant factor that Google considers is the integrity of the websites from which links come. Google moves value / authority from o to 10 number to a site whether it is related to tech, business, sports or any other category.

While creating backlinks keep in mind the following things to get natural and high quality backlinks for your site specific post or page:
1) Identification of Types of Backlinks
There are two types of backlinks, one being internal connecting, connecting within the website from one page to another page. Secondly, external links, links to our website from other websites or a link from my website to a different website. In short, external linking is called linking between websites.
The ties to our website from other pages are in bound ties. There are several forms of inbound / external links. Second, natural links or ethical links that include all links to your website that are connected to other websites without asking, depending on the quality of your content. Journalists, for example, come to my event to write papers on my product.
2) Understand No Follow links?
Some of the sites threaten to prevent anyone from making comments on their website links. They limit the use of the heading ‘rel’ (relation) in ‘a’ tag to google not to follow/crawl the link pasted in their website. Whenever you need to connect your website to a different website, make sure that the website does not follow ‘no follow up.’
3) Characteristics of linking domain/website authority
These are the qualities that Google must have for a website to display its high reputation. First is the domain age: from how many years there has been a website or domain on google that you are building your website link at. Second is the history of the domain: if a domain is authentic or penalized by Google for some time or moved between registration and unregistered at times. Third the TLD: top-level domain plays a significant role. Google gives .edu and .gov TLDs more value because it assumes that those websites are trustworthy.

4) Characteristics of page linking:
The most significant factor Google considers is the website’s page authority from which the inbound link comes. If the website / domain authority is nice but there is a link from that website’s irrelevant page, then google will penalize you. Google also considers a page ‘s reputation. If a page is completely configured, and the relevance of the link is strong, it adds to the reputation.
5) Diversity of Link Types:
Any kind of link building falls under the SEO grey hat, which helps you rank. It is proposed that attempts are made to establish natural ties, the ties which do not evolve on some template. Try to diversify the construction of your links, which means not taking the same kinds of links from the same network in the same way. Google will soon understand whether or not you are following a particular trend. In this way, aim to establish good internal ties, external links and mix of both. Take follow also, and no ties to follow. If you take 30 links to follow, take double the links no below. Google finds our linking actions to be normal in that way. Finally, you can also take the links from websites with low authority / reliability, but they should not be spam websites.
6) Characteristics of Backlink:
First, a relation with a bank must be normal and connected. Second, placing the link into linked website and user experience. If a relation is implemented at a position where it makes no sense, you will be penalized by google. Thirdly, the relation has to be contextual and have some meaning. Fourthly, traffic is created by a link. The bounce rate generates an insignificant correlation. Finally, concentrate on links of lower but decent quality.
7) Natural/Good Link Building Techniques:
Links based on content constitute the first and most significant form of Link. The content of your website must be of such quality that it will encourage people to connect to your website. Guest blogging is another way in which you can write articles in various places or speak to some of the blogging websites to connect you against your services. The baiting of links is the product of your battle to build successful content. But not only focus on your competitor’s places for linking but try to build more good links.

8) How to get Links Naturally?
The most important thing you need to take natural Link is to create your own credibility / authority. So people try to get you linked whenever they need to. It takes time but this kind of linking is long-term. We can do this by using inbound marketing which means convincing the consumer not selling the item, but purchasing the item. So that if he makes his mind to purchase the same product in the future, he / she will inevitably purchase from you. Often called pull marketing in bound marketing is where you can show your goods or services to walk around or find buyers. For example, according to customer thought, position Q&A on your website or create material.
9) Content Curation and Link Building:
Content curation implies that you research the content of others, but in summary form or in blog form, you do not build and merge in your own form. That can help you to connect your content to people.
10) Avoid black hat SEO techniques for link building:
One way to connect using the Black Hat SEO is through the interchange of links. In the Link exchanges various websites benefit each other by sharing links that google easily understands and penalizes all websites. Second way, the ties charged are. In paid links, you pay for the rental link to a website. Third, setting up their own domains to connect to their website. Google acknowledges that there are many websites that connect to the same website with less traffic and little reputation. Such function is called Blog Networking(PBN). The last way to take link is link pyramid, but not the least. You establish link structure in the link pyramid by linking your website to 3 others, their links to 6 others, their links to 10 others and so on.

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