How to Watch Netflix on Your Linux System

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Netflix has already been available on Linux for a few days, but still, imany users don’t know how to access it. You might not be able to get the real experience of Netflix on Linux without a proper setup. In this article, you will learn how to watch Netflix on Linux in the right way.

The Best Way to Watch Netflix on Linux

The best to install and use Netflix on your Linux desktop or laptop is to create a desktop app for Netflix to quickly and efficiently use it without any issues at all. Here’s how to create a desktop app for Netflix on Linux to easily access it:

Navigate to the Google Chrome browser.
Go to Netflix.com.
Sign in to your Netflix account with your account credentials.
Now once the website is open completely, all you have to do is press the three vertical dots on the upper-right on your screen to open the menu.
After that, click on the More Tools option.
Now press the option saying “Add to desktop.”
Press the Add button when you see this option.
Now make sure the option saying “Open as window” is selected.
Hit the OK button to finish the process.
Now it is not actually a Netflix application, but it will work just like an app without any issues at all. It is a kind of Shortcut icon with a bit more tweaks. From now on, all you need to do is click on the Netflix shortcut icon from your desktop screen to access Netflix.

Best Linux Browsers to Watch Netflix

Playing Netflix on Linux could feel a bit tricky, but believe me, it is not that hard at all as some people think. It is almost similar to the way you use Netflix on Windows or Mac despite a few different steps. Here’s how to run Linux Netflix on browsers:

Linux Google Chrome Browser: How to Play Netflix

All you need to do is make sure that Chrome is installed on your Linux running system. If you haven’t installed Chrome on your Linux, then worry not!

Just visit “www.google.com/chrome” on your Linux default browser. There you will get options to download and install Chrome browser on your system with ease.

Once Chrome is installed properly on your Linux computer, playing Netflix is as simple as visiting a website. Although we are providing complete instructions to access it on Linux Google Chrome:

First and foremost, open the Chrome browser that we just installed.
Then, you will see the Chrome browser on your screen, and you will be able to access every feature that it has to offer.
To play Netflix on Linux Chrome, click on the URL bar and then put in “www.netflix.com”.
After that, hit the Enter key on your keyboard to load the entered web address.
Hold tight, Netflix’s official site would now load on your screen.
Once it is loaded, log in with your Netflix account credentials.
When you are logged in, find the TV show, movie and content you wish to play.
Once you have to find the content, just click on it to play it.
Now you will be able to enjoy your Netflix TV show and movies on your Linux.
Any other features, controls and options will work just as they work on other operating systems whether it be Switching video quality, adjusting volume, or the other playback controls.

Pro Tip: While signing to your Netflix Account on your Linux Chrome web browser, make sure to check the option that says “Keep me signed in.” This will allow you to access your content without any unnecessary steps quickly.

Access Netflix on Linux Mozilla Firefox

If you already possess Mozilla Firefox web browser on your Linux system, then you don’t have to install any other browser to access Netflix such as Chrome, Opera Mini, etc. Mozilla Firefox allows its users to easily access media streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, etc.

Here’s how to use Netflix on Mozilla Firefox on a Linux computer:

Make sure that you are running one of the most recent versions of Firefox. The older versions are not that good and efficient in running videos and media on Linux.
Now, click on the URL bar on the top of your browser.
Put in “Netflix.com” and hit the Enter key on your keyboard to load the URL.
Hold tight until the site loads, and it won’t take more than a mere second if your internet connection is fast enough.
Once the site loads, just log in to your account with the ID and password.
When you are logged into your account, you might see a prompt on your screen that you should add some external plug-in to run Netflix.
All you have to do is press the option saying “Enable DRM” when this popup appears on your browser.
Hold tight until the installation process wraps up.
Now once the process ends, reload Netflix and then try to play desired content on Netflix.
Your Linux computer should be now able to run movies and shows without any troubles. However you are not able to run the movies and other video content on Netflix, then you will need to apply some tweaks to your Firefox browser.
Here’s what to do when Firefox fails to play your content on Netflix:
On your Mozilla Firefox browser, head to the URL bar on the upper side of your screen.
Put in the “about:preferences#content” command into the dialogue box.
Head to the General tab.
Find the option saying “Digital Rights Management (DRM) Content” in the given options.
Once you have found it, make sure that the option saying “Play DRM-controlled Content” is selected.
After that, open a new tab on your browser.
Put in the “about:addons” command into the URL bar and then hit Enter.
Head to the Plugins tab located on the left side menu.
Then, make sure the options saying “OpenH264” and “Widevine” are set to “Always Activate.”
Lastly, close the browser and launch it again.
This time Netflix should work fine on your Linux system. Alternatively, install Google Chrome if you don’t have storage issues. Google Chrome is indeed the best way to play Netflix on Linux systems.

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