How to Fix Windows Store Application Error Code 0x800700005

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Microsoft Windows is one of the suitable places to install and purchase applications just like the Play Store or App Store. Several users need this application for the installation of various games and Windows applications. Sometimes, while trying to access the Windows Store app on your desktop, it flashes some annoying errors such as 0x800700005. It’s one of the most occurring frustrating errors that make the consumers irritate and force them to shut their computer to off.
If you are one among them who faces this issue on their devices, then this blog is absolutely for you. Abide by these instructions to know how to fix the Windows Store App issue that comes with error code 0x800700005:
Ensuring for Correct Folder Permission

For proceeding with the troubleshooting method, it is recommended to check that you have appropriate permission regarding the folder in which you wish to install your desired application. To do so, pursue these steps:
• First and foremost, launch the File Explorer on your Windows 10.
• Now, double tab on the Windows file to expand its partition.
• Note: Generally, the “C” drive is known as Windows partition.
• Go to Users folder and then apply double click on it. This action will expand the particular folder.
• Look for the folder with your username and then double click on it.
• Now, hit the folder “AppData” to open.
• Then, double hit the folder to show local folders.

Note: in most of the cases, the local folder is situated in the section of the migrated default folder.
• Navigate towards Local Folder and then hit the folder for Packages.
• Once you got the right folder, “Packages,” then apply right mouse click or a single click.
• Now, the menu bar will display on your screen, then apply the left tab and hit the Properties section there.
• Hit the Security option located at the top portion of your windows.
• Inside the section of User or Group names, make sure that they hold proper permissions.
• In case you find that the username has no complete permissions, then hit the left side mouse tab on the option “Advanced.”
• Now, there you have to check which one is left for permissions, then click on it to provide it permissions, then proceed to the next step.
• Tap on the Add button.
• Now, hit left mouse tab on the provided link “Select a Principal.”
• Now, go to the option related to entering the object name and then enter “Users” into the provided box.
• Then, apply left-click and hit the button “Check Names.”
• Mark the box associated with “Full Control.” This option will be located under Basic Permissions.
• Hit the Apply tab there.
• Press the OK button.
• Start the OS once more to get the modifications saved into the system.
• Now, check that the error 0x800700005 is arising on your device; if yes, then move to the next procedure to fix the issue.

Running Windows App Troubleshooting Tool

• First and foremost, download the troubleshooting application for your windows.
• Then, save your executable file on your device.
• Apply right click on the executable file.
• Go to the menu icon that will appear on your desktop and hit the left tab on the option “Run as Administrator.”
• Abide by the on-display indications for further process to complete the troubleshooting process.
• Then reboot your device to save the changes.
• Finally, check that the issue still occurs, if yes, then it is recommended to follow further instructions.

Note: In case you are using Windows 10, then open Windows Store Application Troubleshooting tool by navigating Settings window in the following steps:
1. First of all, visit the Settings page.
2. Then, hit the option “Security and Update.”
3. Now, press the tab “Troubleshooter.”
4. After that, look for the troubleshooter and open it.

Resetting Windows Store App

• First and foremost, expand the Run dialog box and then enter these keywords: “WSReset.exe” into the provided field.
• Then, hit the Enter button to proceed.
• Now, wait for a little and then reboot your device for the process to run.
• You may also reset Store App of your Windows as this can also help you to fix the issue as this tool is necessary for installing and downloading various Windows applications.

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