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How to Fix ‘The Data Is Invalid’ Error

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Windows provides various troubleshooting tools that can be used to fix several error messages. In this digital era, everyone is engaged in using online data for various purposes. To make the task effortless, users need to install or upgrade their Operating System.But sometimes mishaps occur on the particular device that annoys them. One such annoying error is “ERROR_INVALID_DATA,” which is also called a 13 0xD error that usually comes with the error message “The Data Is Invalid.”

Source: How to Fix “The Data Is Invalid” Error

This Data invalid error can occur with some error codes and is arises on the screen when a user installs an application or performing a system upgrade operation. In this case, the files and folders become corrupted or infected by viruses or malware.

There is a number of troubleshooting instructions that you can follow to fix this error message on your device. Pursue these guided instructions for the whole process to remove the issue:

Running Windows Update Troubleshooting Tool

First and foremost, navigate to the Start Menu.
Then, insert the keywords: Settings into the provided section and tap on the Enter key to proceed.
· Now, hit the best-matched option there.
After that, navigate towards the Windows update option there.
Move towards the left-hand side panel, and then you have to hit the option “Troubleshoot.”
Note: All the Windows holds built-in troubleshooting tools that scan for any Malwarebytes and viruses for various issues and fix them automatically. These tools fix various general problems of the device.

In case you are running any of the windows versions such as Vista, XP, and Windows 7, 8, or any other. If you don’t have a troubleshooter, then you can visit the website of Microsoft and then download the same.
For locating the built-in troubleshooter on Windows 10, you need to navigate to the Settings page. In case the error is a complex one and needs extra workarounds, then you need to move forward to the next procedures.

Fixing Issue by Editing Registry Entries

First and foremost, go to the Start tab and hit on it.
Then, enter the keywords “cmd” and apply the right mouse click on the Command Prompt option from the list.
Now, permit your device to access full administrative controls.
After that, enter the keywords “SFC/scan-now” into the Command Window.
It is recommended to wait for some time for the scanning procedure.
After that, reboot your system and make sure that all the corrupted issues have been removed from your device.
Note: It is always advised to take a full backup of all your data and registry files for the recovery process if anything went wrong. One can use various other virus removing software to scan and remove various issues, but it should be authenticated.

Renaming the Software Distribution Data Folder to Fix the Data Invalid Issue

Stop Running Windows Upgradation

Firstly, hit the Start tab.
Then, insert the keywords: services into the search panel.
After that, scroll down the page and then locate the service option related to Windows up-gradation.
Then, hit the Stop tab there and after that deactivate the feature.
After that, you have to rename the distribution folder; it will be located inside C drive in the folder of Windows.
Now start the service “Windows Update” service and hit the update option to update it again. Now check that the PC is working well and installing the recent update. If it is working fine, then the device will automatically fix various issues such as Malwarebytes, viruses, and thus generate the folder of Software Distribution.

Using Update Catalog Website of Microsoft

One can visit the site of Update Catalog supported by Microsoft if it faces issues in automatic system updates.
To do so, you have to enter the KB number into the search bar.
Then, hit the Enter key.
After that, hit the Download tab there.
Installing Updates in Clean Boot

The clean boot process removes various annoying issues such related to minor system issues and viruses. It works on the basis of startup programs and drivers by launching Windows. Abide by these instructions to perform a clean boot on your device:

First of all, insert the mentioned keywords into the provided search box: System Configuration.
Then, tap the Enter button there.
Go to the Services tab and hit on it.
After that, choose the mark box option related to hiding MS services. Hit the tab, “Deactivate all.”
On the tab “Startup,” hit the option “Open Task Manager.”
Then, choose all the available options there and tap on the “Deactivate” option there.
Now, shut the Task Manager option there.
Go to the System Configuration prompt box located inside the section of Startup.
Then, hit the option “OK.”
Now, reboot your device to proceed.
Under the clean boot mode, try to reinstall your OS.

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