How to Change the Time Zone on Windows 10

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By Author: Anny Christine

Everyone wants to be punctual for the office as well as home-based tasks. They have to be on time everywhere to manage the hectic lifestyle of the modern world. Keeping accurate time is based on the clock that you use regularly, and if your PC is wrongly showing date and time, then something might miss or occur mishaps due to just because of the wrong timing and schedule. In order to cope up this busy life, you have to set your system time accurately as it’s the most important gadget to organize most of the corporate schedules such as meeting or mailing.

Windows 10 provides various ways to manage and change the time zone by detecting the wrong one as per the time zone in the respective area. It is equipped with great AI. Sometimes, the system displays the wrong time and date, and thus the user needs to adjust it. They should need to observe various time zones for accurate timing to fetch the exact date and time.\

Here is how to change the time on Windows 10 in a very straightforward manner:

Changing Time Zone on Windows 10 via Taskbar

First and foremost, drag the cursor to the lowermost section of the screen, somewhere at the right-hand side. Then, hit the date and time section.
After that, a menu bar will appear, and you have to choose the option for adjusting date and time.
Then, after a little, you will automatically be prompted to the page of language and time directly from the Settings app.
Then, navigate to the left-hand side section and then choose the time and date option. Then, go to the right-hand side section.
After that, go to the option “Set Time Automatically” and then drag the slide bar towards off.
Navigate to the section of manual setting and then hit the Change option.
After you have applied all the guidelines mentioned above, a window will appear related to a new time and date data. You have to adjust the time zone and date as per the accurate data.
Once you have modified all the settings, then press the Change tab to save all the relevant changes.
Changing Time Zone via Windows Settings App

Below are the procedures to know how to set up or change Time Zone with the help of Settings app:

First and foremost, tap Window and “I” buttons to launch the Settings app.
Once the UI page displays on the screen hit the time and language option.
Go to the next window and then choose the option “Time and Date” from the left-hand sidebar.
Move to the adjacent right side and then hit the automatically set time.

Then, disable the feature by toggling the bar leftward.
Now, jump to the date and time setup option there and then press the Change tab there.
After that, a blue pane will automatically appear and then pick the desired option to adjust the time and date option. It will appear via the pull drop option.

At last, hit the Change tab from the available window to save the changes that you have made.
Once you have understood how to change the time zone by the two methods mentioned above, then, apply one of the available options as per your wish.

Make sure to follow all the guidelines properly to avoid any mishaps related to your system clock and time settings as the date and time section are very important for most of the office work.

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