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Although Linux hosting sites and servers are always the prominent ones they power up almost every platform you know and hear of; Facebook, Google, Twitter, name them. And if they powered up Google, then they power up almost anything, especially android. So likewise, Linux Dedicated hosting solutions should conquer the entire business. But there is a reason why its competitor windows. Dedicated hosting has stood still and held its own. The most prominent reason is its practical and advanced hosting sites.

And the one that stands above all is the ASP.NET Hosting Dedicated IP whether it does that or not, that is not clear but precisely what it is? That is what you should know about since you already know about Dedicated IP Web Hosting. Please stay tuned at Golaunche to learn more.

It has a diverse number of merits,
1. It claims to perform faster than any web framework that is popular out there in independent benchmarks of TechEmpower benchmarks.
2. It supports authentication protocols of industrial standards. With its built-in features, it will protect your apps against XSS or cross-site scripting and CSRF or cross-site request forgery. By providing a built-in user database while also supporting both multi-factor and external authentication with Twitter, Google, and more.
3. It also has an active community consisting of developers on ASP.NET Forums, Stack overflow, and more. It is open source at GitHub having over sixty thousand developers and thirty-seven hundred companies contributing already.

4. If you have the advantage of being a part of the Microsoft ecosystem, you can get ten ASP.NET websites with Microsoft Azure for free. It also allows you to deploy over any central cloud platform, your very own Windows or Linux servers, or one from many of its hosting providers.
ASP.NET Hosting:
It is a hosting solution based and dedicated to the ASP.NET platform. All of its servers and resources are based on the facilities provided by that framework.
Variations in ASP.NET Hosting:
It has a diverse variety made by Microsoft based on need and demand. Some of which are given below;

Superior ASP.NET Hosting:
If you want a fast, approachable, and easy method for the server code through HTML, ASP.NET Hosting is the first choice to make, for creating Dynamic websites. A web application framework is now a prominent option for Microsoft programmers and developers. Primarily based on the Microsoft .NET framework, it offers a fantastic method for building and running the applications.

Many companies provide ASP.NET hosting besides Microsoft itself and offer additional support for many of its technologies like ASP.NET 4.5/ 4.0/ 3.5/ 2.0 technologies, including the Web Services, ASP.NET Ajax, ASP.NET MVC 4/ 3, and LINQ among the others. These companies claim to aid you in creating efficient sites through the web’s newest standards, including the link to social networking sites, connections to SQL or Structured Query Language Server databases, and video insertions.

ASP.NET MVC Hosting:
It provides a patterns-based and effective technique for building dynamic websites that give you control. This framework ofASP.NET MVC 4 is the latest version in the web platform of Microsoft’s ASP.NET. ASP.NET MVC Hosting solution provides a more advanced programming model based on quality that provides benefits like powerful extensibility, test-driven development, and cleaner code architecture. The MVC 4 contains many more advanced features than its predecessors like new templates for mobile and desktop. MVC supports mainly in all the packages of ASP.NET in some companies.
These were just a few; there are many other variations of ASP.Net hosting other than these. Some Hosting solutions work indirectly with the ASP.NET Hosting like SQL Server Hosting and many more,
SQL Server Hosting:
This database server is relational to ASP.NET Hosting SQL Server or Structured Query Language Server Hosting was developed by Microsoft. The latest Microsoft SQL Server 2014 works under some companies through the help of their ASP.NET Hosting account for their client’s databases.

This hosting helps you to run many related applications like BlogEngine, nopCommerce, Orchard, mojoPortal, and DotNetNuke, along with many others. This hosting is also efficient in building applications and databases.
It provides more benefits than these compared to other types of databases, especially from management’s viewpoint. Through their cloud service, SQL 2014 Server can be controlled remotely by SQL Server Management Studio. The control panel brings up backup to restore the SQL databases.
So to sum it all up, the ASP.NET Hosting Dedicated IP is unclear but it is clear why you should try it. It is advanced, can work on mediums other than windows, and will provide you with all the help you need in it, personally. We are also offering cheapest email hosting with it If you want to learn more, then please stay tuned at Golaunche because the more you, the more you grow.


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