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It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.
– Benjamin Franklin

Starting with the most famous quote of Benjamin Franklin, the reputation, of a person or a company may be built with a long period of hard work. But it can go down in vain within seconds. To develop a positive reputation of a company is an equally duteous task like you invest to grow your business. This is because your business can have a downfall if you do not push down the negative reviews or remove them completely. So, when a customer searches your business profile, only positive reviews come up. In this way, the business reputation is maintained.

There are various ways in which a company can maintain its online reputation and the blog at an affordable ORM package shall discuss them.

The top two ways of evaluating your online reputation are by looking at the search engine results pages (SERP) and using Google Autocomplete. In this way, you can stay ahead of the comments being posted.

If you are seeing an issue arise, you can go into Google Analytics and look for points in your site traffic that will point out key events and possible red flags. Red flags are comments that are negative and to be considered inappropriate.

Have a plan before the manage and monitoring of online reputation occurs. That is, have an idea of who is the competitor and what are their disadvantages and nuances which the customers have pinpointed. With that information, work on the websites and social media platforms emphasizing all the features that your competitor missed out.

Be rapid to apologize to customer complaints. A happy customer tells about the product to 10 and sometimes just choose to remain silent! But, an unhappy or angry customer spreads news like the grapevine. So, build a lot of fans and try to reward the super-fans by give-away programs or so.

Be transparent when handling client issues. Transparency here means telling the customer what happened so they understand the issue. Customers ask for validation and they need them.
Fix what you can and understand the issues that are told repeatedly. Fix them and give replies to the comments asking them to check the products after rectifying.

Creating a top-quality blog. Your identity shall be conveyed through your words. If the blog is followed and liked by people, there are high chances that people will start ignoring the bad comments, if any in other platforms.

Next is an important way to build your reputation and popularity as well. This is an age of paid partnerships. Find influencers, celebrities, and people who have a good online presence and has many followers to promote your brand. Do not advise them to boast about your product because people may not find it very trustworthy. In this way, the popularity will increase doubly. In other words, use testimonials. Optimistic response from influencers can help boost any image problems.

Create quality subpages from your website. This will help push down the negative search results.

Next are the points which any digital company will do to maintain and develop an online reputation. They are:

• Remove any outdated and negative content from Google or at the source.
• Push down negative comments or reviews or any irrelevant content.
• Add more positives.
• Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to improve search results
• Monitor the talk of the people about your business or brand

The fact is it is not easy to do these tasks single-handedly. Similar way, the reputation cannot be built in a night. So, be patient for growth. Strive hard and wait for it!

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