How to Fix and Play Damaged Video Files

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By Author: Kinsley Blair

The rise in technology has brought along the digital era, which enables us to store all the data or information on our phones, computers, or any other devices. Undoubtedly, it is a massive contribution of technology in our lives which makes every job easy for us. For instance, if you’ve stored data on your PC, it can be backed up easily without losing the same in case any error comes up.

Nowadays, everybody stores media files on a PC; however, you must have noticed that the videos don’t play sometimes.

It is because of corrupted files that a video won’t play. Sit back and stop worrying as we’ve got the solution to your problem. There are various ways to fix the corrupted file issue and get it playing.

Before beginning, you must know that all the methods don’t need to work for all kinds of video files. In case, one method fails to work, hop on another method, and try the same before you lose hope.

How to Recover the Corrupted Video Files?

Below mentioned are the methods to fix or recover your corrupted video files. Read along to learn more!

Check Your Drive

It is essential to figure out the root of the arising issue. You must check if it’s the video file that has stopped playing due to damage or your hardware is coming up with issues. This step is necessary as it’s not always the media files creating an error, while you try to fix the same.

In case you’re using external hardware that is dependent on an external power source, have a go at changing the power source and check whether it fixes the issue. Once in a while, it’ll be advantageous to check your drive for blunders as well.

In case you use a USB drive, connect it to a powered USB hub. Low voltage comes up with debug errors; thus, it is worth giving a shot.

The last thing to do is play your video file in a different player like VLC media. Sometimes, default media players can refrain from opening due to system updates. Therefore, checking if the video plays in some other player will ensure that it is a temporary issue.

Recover the Video Online with Fix.Video

This is a go-to option to fix any videos that have stopped playing. Fix.video repairs the corrupted file in exchange for some amount of fee. In case you’re looking up for ways to professionally fix your video, this is a convenient option.

If you’re looking for a free video recovery software, there are a few alternatives, but they allow you to upload videos with limited resolution and file size. Not only this, but the service watermark will appear in your video.

Use VLC Media Player to Fix the Video

There’s no doubt in referring to the VLC Media Player as the best video player amongst others. It not only acquires a lot of features, but it can also convert and repair your video files. If you want to fix your video using the VLC Media Player, follow the steps mentioned below:

Launch the media menu.
Select the ‘convert/save’ option.
Choose your file using the add dialogue box.
Click on the ‘convert/save’ option.
Select video -H.264 + Mp3 (Mp4) from the drop-down menu.
Assign a file name for the converted video.
Hit the ‘Start’ button.
The video conversion process will start and take some time. If the conversion is successful, you’ll be able to view the video file soon after the process is over. However, if the steps mentioned above doesn’t work for you, try the alternative steps:

Start by creating a backup for your video file that can be done by copy-pasting your file.
Change the file extension to .avi.
Open the VLC player and click on the ‘Tools’ tab on the top of the window.
A pop-up menu will open. Select the ‘Preferences’ option.
Go to the ‘Files’ section under input/codecs.
You’ll see a drop-down menu for damaged or AVI files. Select the ‘Always Fix’ option.
Finally, open the file with the .avi extension.
Following the methods mentioned above will instruct the VLC player to repair the damaged video files.

It is essential to note that video files and come up with errors due to damaged hardware or video player. Whenever any such error arises, you may try all the methods mentioned above. If fortunate, one of the methods is likely to fix the problem.


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