Give Your iPhone an Aesthetic look in ISO 14.3 By Customizing Home Screen

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Every iPhone device has a common home screen and users also don’t have many ways to change it. However, it’s every user’s wish to make some changes with their home screen to give it a fantastic and unique look. Customizing the home screen of iPad or iPhone is not Apple’s thing, but with the launch of iOS 14.3, it became possible to make some changes with the home screen and UI. Now users can customize the icon’s color and size based on the wallpaper to make it appear as a theme.

Customizing the home screen like an aesthetic theme gives a brilliant look to the iPhone, and currently, it is trending as well.

People are happy with the new iOS improvement, but whoever is looking to give their iPhone’s home screen an aesthetic look, they have to follow some steps.

How to Change the App Icons on iPhone

First, launch the Shortcuts application on an iPhone.
Click + icon at the top-right side.
Press Add Action.
Type Open app in the search bar and choose Open App.
Click Choose and pick the app you want to customize.
Press three-dots at the upper-right side.
Give your shortcut a preferred name and click Add to Home Screen.
Now open Safari and search for an icon image. Users can choose any icon image they like.
Once found the icon image, save it on your device.
Open the Shortcuts app once again and press on the current icon.
Press the Choose Photo optionand click on the recently saved image.
Press Choose.
Press Add.
Change Home Screen Icon Using Widgetsmith App

Download the Widgetsmith app on an iPhone.
Open the app and choose widget size between small, medium, and large.
Press on the widget to start customizing.
Change the color and fonts.
Press Save once selected.
Get back to the home screen and hold down on any app.
Press Edit Home Screen.
Press the + icon at the top left side of the screen.
Search for the Widgetsmith app.
Choose the widget size and add it to the home screen by pressing on Add Widget.
That’s everything you have to do to customize the home screen of your iPhone. The great thing for the users here is that they can select widget color and font from a huge list. After setting up the home screen icons, users should customize the widget with a similar theme to make a perfect combination.


iOS 14 brought several new features for the iPhone users, and its upgrades are now improving all previous issues. Users who were waiting for the home screen customization should update their iOS version to take advantage of new features and customize the home screen.

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