Top 5 Reasons for Hard Disk Failure?

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By Author: Anjali Semwal

Hard disk failure is one of the most frustrating situations a computer user can ever confront. Sometimes it may lead to permanent data loss. A hard disk drive (HDD) is the most important part of the computer used to save all type of files and applications so any sort of issue or corruption can cause severe problems. Why hard drive suddenly stops working or fails? In this article, we’ll talk about the most common reasons for hard disk failure and how to recover data from failed hard drives?

1. Logical or Software Failure
2. Physical or Mechanical Failure
3. Human Errors
4. Electronic or Power Failure
5. Over Heating Problems

1. Logical or Software Failure
Logical hard drive failure occurs when a hard drive cannot access due to non-mechanical issues such as
• Firmware corruption
• Bad sector issue
• Accidental removal of system files
• Malware or virus issues
• Manufacturer’s fault

2. Physical or Mechanical Failure

Hard drive made-up of electrical, mechanical and rotational/moving components. If any of the parts gets damaged and hard drive stopped working we can considered this as a physical or mechanical failure.
Here’s the list of main cause of physical failures in hard drive.

• Power spike& Burning Electric components
• Shock or Shakes
• Spindle Motor stuck
• Read-write head crash due to improper removal or shutdown
• Manufacturer’s fault
• Huge impact,
• Fell down,
• Damage in the form of spills,
• Natural disasters(Water fire damages)
• Degradation

3. Human Errors
Human errors are usual, and most common reason for hard drive failure. Improper handling of hard drives and system, accidental removal of important files such as deletion, format etc.

4. Electric Surge or Power Failures
Unexpected power failure or improper shutdown can cause minor or sometimes serious damage to your hard disk, and result in hard disk failure. This mostly happens if you’re not using a UPS or using a poor quality UPS device or unstable power supply.

5. Over Heating Problems

Overheating is bad for computers and hard drive and is one of the most common reasons behind hard disk failure. Different conditions like heat and cold can damage the computer. Improper maintenance of your system, cooling system or ventilation, faulty or poor quality CPU fans, etc. can cause overheating in your system hard disk.

Above are the most common reasons behind hard disk failure. Finally, the question is How to recover data from a failed hard drive?
If your hard drive crashes or is inaccessible, your first instinct may be to try every data recovery procedure you can think of. Since the first recovery attempt provides the best chance of successfully extracting your files from a damaged hard drive, it’s important to be familiar with the best practices for weighing your options before attempting any data recovery procedures on your own.

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