Reasons to get your Laptop Serviced & Benefits of Regular Laptop Check-Ups

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By Author: Pankaj Bajaj

It is said that a Human body is nothing but a machine; and like the Human body needs regular check-ups and cleaning, so does your laptop and desktop. Expert’s advice that you should get your laptop serviced at least once a year so that with proper cleaning and proper aid, your laptop is ready for use with reduced risks of sudden breakdowns. So, what is included in the General Service? “GET YOUR LAPTOP CHECKED BY OUR EXPERT TODAY!”

The Laptop general service includes:
• Chemical cleaning of the internal parts including motherboard, processor etc.:
• Cooling paste treatment: essential for smooth running of the laptop is replaced on the motherboard and graphic card heat sink. If the cooling paste dries up and the laptop overheats, it may lead to major problems in the motherboard which are hard to attain.
• Cooling fan: Overheating issues may also lead to auto shut down and loss of data. This is the reason cooling fan in the laptop is also cleaned up for smoother running and any issues with underperforming parts are informed to the customers.
• Laptop Health card: a service report is generated by ultra-modern software at the end of general service which tells about the life of different parts of the laptop. Now you know why we highly recommend getting laptops/desktops serviced at least once every year.

The benefits of regular check-ups include:
• Limit risk of complications by closely monitoring existing conditions.
• Precautionary measures for under performing parts are informed.
• Extended life of the laptop: When you have regular annual check-ups, it will help your unit run better and last longer.
• More efficient: IT experts say that a laptop loses 30% of its efficiency every year if not serviced. Without servicing, it can accumulate dust and dirt which reduces its efficiency. During the annual check-ups, the air vents are cleaned to make sure the air your laptop breathes is clean.
• Minimize repairs: If you have an expert looking at your laptop every year, you’ll be saving yourself big bucks that would have been spent on laptop repair services and maintenance.
• Detect potentially critical conditions early: Small problems can be identified and addressed before they turn into something bigger that leaves your wallet empty and leaves you with an a laptop that doesn’t work.
• Prevent overheating: Sometimes your laptop appears fine but does not cool internally; this can be for various reasons like low level heat sink, fan not working, clogged air filters, etc. Regular laptop conditioning service will make sure the unit is always running smoothly and all these problems are caught early on.
• Laptop report and Precautionary measures: At the end of general service, the report generated tells about the health of the laptop and precautionary measures are suggested for the same according to the analysis reports.

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