Backyard Revolution Review

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Backyard Revolution Review

Electric power cuts is one thing a huge numbers of us fear to an extent. Our grid system

at times, has proven unreliable and fails when we least expect it.

Eventually, you may have contemplated… what is the solution to remedy this situation?

As you read on, your eyes will be opened to a solution to this problem that will shock you.

Let us talk about the author:

Unbelievably, Zack Bennet a carpenter by profession created Backyard Revolution.

He was motivated to create this product because of a near death experience.

One evening an electrical blackout occurred in the community where he lived. During this ordeal, an invader broke into his house. His daughter was threatened and in the process to protect her, he was shot. Fortunately the incident ended with both he and his daughter life speared.

This incident prompted him to seek a permanent solution to his light problem and as a result, was led to a technological development in solar research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Out of this research, he was able to create a mini solar generator to energize his house during a power cut, hoping that this might prevent any future incident such as this.

What is the Backyard Revolution about?

The Backyard Revolution is a solar powered generator, based on, that MIT technological development, which found that by arranging 3-D solar panels in a zigzag pattern you could produce electricity effectively. In addition, these panels are stacked vertically to take advantage of limited space verses the conventional solar system.

In offering this product to the market place, Zack Bennet have package it in the form of plans and specifications so that anybody can construct it as a hobby at home at a price you can afford.

The following are facts about this system you would want to know:

  1. To get maximum exposure to the sunrays, the panels are angled in the right position.
  2. This system is small enough to sit in your yard with limited space. In addition, it saves you a lot of money on your electrical bills.
  3. You might see your electrical bills reduce after a few months. The author claims his electrical utility bills have been reduce by 50 percent in the first month. Which is great. This will help you recouped your initial investment in no time.
  4. You do not have to totally depend on your energy company. It gives you a bit control over usage of power. Alternately, you will have power when a blackout occurs.
  5. As a backup power supply, typically people go for a fossil fuel generator. That might be great, but what is advantageous about this solar generator is, there is no maintenance cost, no gasoline needed, it is silent and yet highly effective.
  6. The feedback from over 9000 customers shows that they love it and it have helped them tremendously.
  7. The plans and specifications that comes with this product is so simple to follow, that you feel the author being right there with you, hand in hand.
  8. Once you have acquired all component parts, it takes about 4 hours to assemble. These component parts is estimated to cost just over $200.
  9. Doing a price comparison to conventional solar panels, which would cost you above $10000; makes this a good deal.
  10. The construction guide is so simple that you do not have to be a tech guru to assemble it. There is not only PDF manuals supplied but also videos to instruct you systematically.
  11. There is a shopping list that is comprehensive and makes the whole process easy from start to finish. All the needy equipment is outlined and the recommended stores to purchase them. This would put your mind at ease.
  12. All instructions are in simple English language. There is no technical jargons. It is written for the nonprofessional to understand perfectly. The videos are done in the same manner as well.
  13. It takes up minimum space compared to conventional solar panel system.
  14. It is portable. You can take it up and carry it around in your car and truck.
  15. It is environmentally friendly. Because of global warming, it does not release any emission into the atmosphere. Unlike the typical generator, the solar power set-up is environmentally friendly.
  16. There is a 12-month unlimited email support. That means whenever you are stuck while building your solar set-up, you could send an email to get assistance.
  17. You might need legal permission from the utility authority before connecting the system to your home. In addition, you might need to check your insurance company as to their requirements.
  18. The author is offering a 60 days refund guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, you can return it within 60 days, no questions ask. In any case, you would have gotten the satisfactory benefits of using the product.

What will you learn?

By approaching the Backyard Revolution as a home hobby project, it will teach you a new skill in alternate energy. You do not need to have an engineering degree to build it.

You will also learn how to arrange solar panels as the experts do for maximum efficiency. In addition, you will learn how to take measurements and cut wood to build this system. For there is a section of the system that uses a wood frame.

One last thing, there are Extras:

The Backyard Revolution, provides you with these eBooks:

• Energy stockpiling secrets

• Homestead EMP Protection Protocol

• Homestead alternative energy

In Conclusion:

This could be just that project that you need to bring peace of mind and satisfaction. It can also be a good unifying project that the whole family can participate.

You will not regret the decision to be part of the Backyard Revolution. It will be all good for you.

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