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How to Delete Sleep Tracking Data in iOS 14

by | Feb 9, 2022 | 0 comments

By Author: Elina John

The  launch of iOS 14 has come up with multiple features like the automatic reduction of loud headphone audio, volume level measurement, and sleep tracking. Its new sleep tracking feature is designed to monitor your sleep and helps you to improve your sleeping habits by giving bedtime reminders and a winding down process.

Along with Sleep Schedule features, you also get an optimal Sleep Mode. Once you enable the Sleep Mode, it will turn on “Do Not Disturb” and hide all of your notifications.

This feature can be set to turn on and off as per your sleep schedule.

Its Wind Down feature helps to get rid of distractions and enables you to relax before your bedtime. Like Sleep Mode, Wind Down also turns ON the “Do Not Disturb” and creates shortcuts to access bedtime applications.

The Sleep Tracking feature helps you to dive into your sleep data like how long you slept each night. You can also set this feature on Apple Watch by using the Health app. Once you have enabled the Sleep Tracking feature, the Apple Watch locks itself according to your sleep schedules. You can easily access your sleep data on the Health app on the iPhone.

But too much-outdated information can clutter the well-being app. In this article, we will mention a few steps to delete your sleep tracking data in iOS 14:

Steps to delete specific or entirely sleep tracking data:

You need to get into the Health app to delete your sleep tracking data. For proper administration of your sleep monitoring information, you can either delete specific data or the entire data. You can choose the options as per your need and can easily maintain your well-being app.

Once you have selected which kind of data you want to delete, launch the Health app on your iPhone.
Now, click on the browser tab on the backside of your display screen.
Select sleep choice.
Then scroll down and tap on the “Show All Data.”
Once you get access to data on your display screen, check all the historical sleep information and tap on the edit button on your display screen.
Click on the Edit button.
If you want to delete specific information, click on the red button to the left of the recorded data, and hit delete.
Once you hit the delete button, it will delete all of your selected data.
How to delete “All Sleep Tracking Data” at once?

If you want to delete all the sleep monitoring information, then click on the “Delete All” button located on the left side of your display screen and once you click on the delete option, all of your sleep tracking data will be wiped off.


It’s very crucial to delete any data backlog for the smooth functioning of your well-being app. If you don’t need your sleep tracking data, you can easily wipe it off in one click, or you can delete specific data as well. You can follow the steps as mentioned above to delete the sleep tracking information on iOS 14.

Written By Donjay

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