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What To Do With Outdated IT?

by | Apr 9, 2021 | 0 comments

By Author: Daniel Feasey

A burning question in the minds of many environmentalists and those who are open-minded at the steer of numerous corporate around the globe is the question of what should they do with outdated computers and other IT. Currently, the globe is already placed under the environmental pressure of millions of metric tonnes of outdated electronic equipment that ends up in landfill sights and is the cause of a tremendous amount of pollution. As these products become brittle in the elements of nature, the toxins contained inside leak into the soil, groundwater, and air and are polluting the surroundings.

One company that is setting new benchmarks in the industry of recycling computers and other IT products is the ADISA award-winning team at Bell Integration.
Yet, for this trusted team it is not merely about recycling IT, but also ensuring that during the process of retiring any parts of your systems and structures, you are at no risk of any data losses. Data losses remain a massive concern for corporate who might have to deal with numerous corporate fines when confidential data leaks.

Therefore, they ensure that your data is in safe hands when you trust their team to take care of your recycling processes.
Another benefit you can reap from trusting this team is cost savings. As the process entails a thorough initial review and analysis of aspects such as possible cost savings, inventory assessments, the possibilities of trade-ins, and considering what items they can re-use. Once you update to more modern solutions, the expectations are also to opt for more sleek designs of modern technology, and thus they have to consider space-saving solutions as well.

These challenges all fall under the first stage of the process, a part proceeded by analysing the logistical and storage needs of such a recycling process. To be able to ensure that your data is always secure, they have to identify a secure premise to store your out-dated systems as well as a secure means of transport to collect and deliver your, sometimes high-risk systems, to secure premises. Here, in the offsite secure environment, they’ll take care of decommissioning. It is only once their team took care to capture and remove all your data from these computers that it is ready for disposal. From here onwards, their IT waste collection team will take care of it further.

The process onwards entails doing factory resets on these devices which can still enjoy an extended lifespan, each item is sanitised and receives the necessary certificates and audit paperwork. They will also ensure that certified overwriting of CESG standards is completed and they take care of all disk and media shredding.
Once these items are ready to go onto the refurbished market, they offer these recycled computers to the buying market either as entire systems or replacement parts. As not all recycled computers which they refurbish are in a good enough state to sell off to buying customers, they take care to donate some of the items to charities. The completely unsalvageable ones, they destroy in a manner that is safe and environmentally friendly.

One thing which is very evident through all these steps is that taking care of outdated computers is not a simple task. To do so, several very complex tasks need special care, attention, and expertise delivered by professionals in the industry without causing any risks to nature or your business. Thus, when you are updating your systems, you should rely on a professional team to take care of the risk and to remove the possible sting of recycling off your shoulders and into their more than capable hands.

Written By Donjay

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