4 Ways Covid-19 Will Reshape The Future of Technology

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By Author: Rosario Berry

Our life has changed since early March when COVID-19 began to spread like wildfire across the World. Today we all stay at home, using interactive tools like skype, zoom, slack, and Trello to connect with colleagues.

Apart from groceries and other goods that require compulsory physical shopping, we buy almost everything we need online and have them shipped to our doorsteps. We have never utilized technology the way we are at this unprecedented period of our lives.
Coronavirus will have a long term impact on our society.

One area we should expect to see its impact is on the future of technology.

This article will discuss four ways COVID-19 will reshape the future of technology. Let’s get started.

1. Changes In Consumer Behavior

Customer behavior may likely change, at least for now. No thanks to the pandemic. Even once we are able to overcome COVID-19; it is unlikely that people will return to their former behavior. Instead, there’s the possibility of a new world where there will be increased awareness on infections and germs- a society ruled by the fear of financial surge.

Things may not get back to normal for the coming months, especially if another phase of COVID-19 breaks out during winter, as predicted by some experts. These changes in behavior and mindset will affect the future of tech and how humans interact with it.

2. Implementation of More Artificial Intelligence In Human Jobs

The pandemic has revealed the danger of total reliance on human labor and how it is not enough to keep the economy running, especially during an outbreak like this.

Since several scientific proofs have estimated that humans would have to deal with the virus for the next one or two years and because we may likely experience another viral outbreak in the next ten, twenty years, or more, we won’t be surprised to see a great deal of focus been shifted on using Artificial intelligence to replace jobs considered risky for humans.

Robots are free from a viral infection and can take over the human role during a pandemic without posing a threat to human health and security

3. Companies May Encourage Distance Working

If there’s anything the pandemic has revealed, it is that many Americans can work from their home, more than we were made to believe. We may likely see more companies encouraging distance working, such as investing in conferencing, cloud solutions, and communication tools.

4. Contactless Interfaces May Take Over

Even when we are able to control the pandemic, many will still harbor some amount of fear about getting infected when in contact with surfaces. Although the risk of contracting COVID-19 from contact with surfaces is less than from contact with a droplet of someone positive from the virus, people will still take extra caution. As a result, contactless interfaces may become the norm.

Wrapping Up

Technology will play a crucial role in allowing us to face the challenges presented by the viral outbreak. COVID-19 will impact tech decisions for companies and governments, increasing their investment in cloud solutions, Artificial intelligence, Contactless interfaces, and more.

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