Video Conferencing Solution and Its Use Cases during COVID 19 Lockdown

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Due to COVID 19 spread countries are going through lockdowns and curfews. This situation has enforced business offices to shut down. The business owners are facing increasing challenges in handling a team that is working remotely. The time, resources, and costs in managing resources are increased. Communication barriers are one of the major challenges faced by businesses. The video conferencing solution can be very beneficial here. The companies can take full advantage of this system during the lockdown to combat Coronavirus spread and even later on.

What is a video conferencing solution?

It is a web based system that supports one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many video calling and conferencing. Based on the product, it can support a predefined number of members or unlimited members in a video conferencing.

What are the use cases of a video conferencing solution?

There are many use cases of this system for a business. Based on the business nature, the use case of a video conferencing software can vary. By keeping the current situation of COVID 19 lockdown in mind, I am going to share the top 3 use cases of this communication tool which are applicable to all businesses, regardless of their industry vertical.

1. Regular team meetings

In all businesses, team meetings are common. The managers conduct meetings with their team on a daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Likewise, other meetings such as department-wise meetings, board meetings, all employee meetings, etc. are conducted in a regular work scenario. When we talk about the businesses that have allowed remote work model, they might be using telephone based conferencing or they may use a traditional solution which often do not give the required quality in free versions. On the other hand, enterprise or paid versions are often very expensive. The video conferencing solution offered by VoIP companies can be cost effective to have these regular meetings. In fact, to make sure the team is working with high productivity, the businesses can increase the number of team meetings. This will also keep the team engaged.

2. Customer meetings

The video conferencing gives a sense of having a one to one physical meeting. In many industries, this type of meeting is given extra emphasis because of its pros, of course. However, this is not possible anymore because of COVID 19 lockdown. The video conferencing solution can give a sense of handling these customer meetings more professionally.

3. Customer relation and marketing

This is the time when marketing and customer relationship strengthening efforts are doubled. We are not going to get into the logic behind this as there are many articles written on this, but I would like to say one thing for sure this is necessary. Video conferencing lets you do that. Video marketing has amazing perks to offer that everyone knows. It can be used to conduct webinars, webcasting sessions, training sessions, etc. The customers can be inquired for their experience or some casual chat could help you keep their relationship with the business stronger. Also, video marketing will keep your customers and targeted audiences engaged.

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